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What is 8164.org?

Welcome. 8164.org is the personal and professional blog of Jin Yang. I’ve been working in the web design field since 1995. Currently I’m working as the Creative Director at Stack Exchange.

I wasn’t asking about you, what is 8164.org?

In 2004 during a visit to China, while waiting for my plane at the Beijing airport, I picked up two books of Taoism, Tao Te Ching (道德經 Dao De Jing) and I Ching (易經 Yi Jing). I had a rough idea of what Taoism is since I was born and raised in China. However, i merely saw these books as ancient literature growing up, nothing else. After reading every chapter, I was very humbled and enlightened by the life lessons from the books. The philosophical Taoism, Dao Jia emphasizes on inner peace through being in harmony with nature, and living a balanced life.

The modern world we live in today has changed so much since Lao Zi wrote Tao Te Ching over 2500 years ago. Practicing Tao beliefs has given me much inner peace and has helped me to deal with everyday life in a very profound way.

Oh yeah about the domain name 8164.org, there are 81 chapters in Tao Te Ching, and 64 chapters in I Ching. Hence the domain. I intend to translate every single chapter into English, and post on this site among my design related topics. It will be a long term, ongoing personal project.


Until I set up a contact page, I can be reached at jy76810[at]gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter.

I also have a tumblr blog, where I post lolcat/designery stuff I find on the internet.


also feel free to contact me on twitter or via email
Edgar 08-05-08

I love your home page.

Great domain name!

Niall Doherty 10-01-08

Very nice site. Reading the above, I’m wondering if you realize that Tao Te Ching has already been translated into English? I even recall seeing one site which churned out a random chapter from the book in English every day. Find that and do the copy and paste jobby and you’ve got loads of free time to design more cool sites.

Jin 10-01-08

Niall, yep I’m fully aware it’s been translated. I explained why I’m translating it again, in my intro blog to TTC


thanks for visiting.

Dan 11-04-08

Very creative design, good work!

Fumin 11-25-08

Indeed, very interesting blog design! Great work!

Jin 11-25-08

@Dan, Fumin, Thanks! Sorry Dan, I missed your comment for some reason.

Andrew 11-25-08

Jin, I just spent the last couple hours reading your blogs. I just happened upon it a week ago or so and bookmarked it and just now came back to it. I could comment on practicaly every article, but I thought I’d keep it simple and just do one here.

1. I love your photos. It looks like this is a new hobby for you and all I can say is keep it up. Are your individual blog images your own work?

2. It’s obvious you’re a fantastic designer. I’d like to see more of your work (Overly Inspired) but for now I love reading your take on different design problems and solutions.

3. So, the tao blogs are kind of throwing me off, but I respect that you have other interests that arent’ purely creative. Your interpretations are interesting to read though.

4. Misc. posts and Findings. Some good nuggets there that don’t fit into your other posts. These are some of my favorite for making me think and just for giving me something interesting to do and check out.

Good show.

Jin 11-25-08

Hi Andrew, thank you for the kind words. As for questions:

1) All the background images are my own photos. If I use other photographers’ work, I’d link to their site at the end of the article.

2) I’ll definitely try to post some in the near future. Due to the nature of my work(fed. gov), I can’t show anything from the day job, for now. But I’ll try to do more, smaller projects on the side.

3) Actually my original intention for this blog was mostly on the Tao translations. I honestly didn’t think I’d have too much to say about design. :) But turned out to be quite the opposite. I do plan to finish more Tao translations.

4) Yes that’s what the Findings posts are for. They’re more for myself too, since I get these interesting links all the time, and they don’t really belong in a “real” article.

Thank you for visiting.

Thomas | Santhos 12-10-08

Great design you made here! Refreshing!

Jin 12-11-08

Thanks Tomas.

Scott 01-21-09

Hi Jin, Thankyou for the site, I very much look forward to your perspectives upon the Tao.