End of May – Keren Ann

by Jin, 08-13-10 // 5 comments

Unlike most of my friends, I’m not a music buff. In fact, I don’t listen to music too often. When I do, I find myself listening to some old tracks by my favorite singer Suzanne Vega. I’m drawn to that type of soothing, yet troubled, and sometimes mysterious female vocals. Recently I discovered Keren Ann, an Israeli song writer and singer. I find her voice similar to Vega’s. End of May is my favorite piece of hers.

If you like her, you may also enjoy some of my other favorite tracks by various artists:

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KrazyCeltic 08-14-10

I think I first heard Keren Ann after a swissmiss blog posting. I also like haunting female vocals, and this can be found in a lot of Celtic music — to which I am also drawn because of my Scottish heritage and interest in ancient British history and mythology: real or fictional. You might be interested in fado: a Portuguese folk ballad style known for mournful guitar and vocals.

In the modern mainstream, I like the female vocalist in The XX. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqT5Y2Ul3bg

Jin 08-15-10

@Krazyceltic, I really like the vocal The XX, thanks for introducing me to her!

David Lantner 08-17-10

If you like “soothing, yet troubled, and sometimes mysterious female vocals” check out this version of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” slowed down 800%:


I personally cannot go wrong with the selections at http://somafm.com/ I’m a big fan of “Beat Blender” but perhaps you’d enjoy “Lush.”

Jin 08-17-10

@David, whoa… Justin Bieber sounds amazing at 800% slower :)

Janae 04-08-11

I have absolutely loved this song ever since she popped into my Pandora stream a couple years ago. It’s pretty much one of my favorites.

Although strangely, the video here is blocked by EMI due to my country regulations…?