Findings 10.17.08

by Jin, 10-17-08 // 4 comments

We started to plan for Christmas shopping early this year. I’m debating on a laptop. I’d really love to get a new Macbook, however I still can’t justify the price for mere web surfing during my commute. It’s too expensive for a web browser. As for the kids, I’ve been holding them hostage on good behavior with the 3803 piece Lego Deathstar since the product was first announced. They may get it after all.


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Michael 10-17-08

great funny video lol

Dmitry 10-21-08

MacBook Air is great for web surfing and mobility (it’s extremely light) — not so much the price tag though :)

Jin 10-21-08

@Dmitry, send me the cash and I’ll get on it sir! :)

Dmitry 10-22-08

I actually have the Air and it’s probably the best notebook for travel around today, mainly because it’s so light and yet sacrifices very little (can even do Photoshop work on it fairly nicely, as well as programming, writing etc — not so nice for gaming/3d obviously or watching movies because then the fans come on and its quite loud compared to normal state of no fans).

Now thinking of selling it however to get the new MBP, which is mega expensive. I have a very old first gen MBP as well, but that’s showing its age. Love the look of the new ones though — especially the glass screen. Don’t understand why people dislike the glass so much; to me it looks and feels like more premium material than the standard plastic layer everyone else uses.