Findings 10.24.08

by Jin, 10-24-08 // 11 comments

I went to a wedding this past Saturday. Both the groom and the bride were close friends of mine, therefore making it hard for me to decide which side of the isle to sit on. I got some surprise attention during the reception, when Davie’s father credited me as the “match maker” during his speech. Then I realized they did meet at a house party I threw in college. That was over eleven years ago.

I’ve gone to many weddings over the years. When I was single, I wondered when it would be my turn. Now that I’m married, I wonder what took these people so long.

Davie and Zusan, I wish you guys the best.


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Dmitry 10-24-08

Hmm.. the the video is a little bit transparent like the background of your content div — pretty cool :)

Jin 10-24-08

@Dmitry, speaking of transparency, do you know how to fix anti-alias rendering problem with transluent background with IE7? Look my site in IE7, you’ll see the text is jagged, not anti-aliased. This is happens if the background div has an opacity setting. The solution I read was to give the background a color as well. I did that, but doesn’t work…

Dmitry 10-24-08

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about that problem, sorry. I guess you could hack it by using a transparent png for the background, but that’s not exactly a fix.

Jin 10-24-08

transparent png would be my last resort…

sigh, why can’t MS get it right..

Dmitry 10-24-08 — don’t hack it, leave it to be a side-effect of using an older browser :) Different browser = difference experience.

Jin 10-24-08

that’s why I’ve been putting it off. Especially since IE7 makes up a very small % of my traffic. is a good resource for transparency in various browsers.

Ananya 10-24-08

Your selections were so good. I cant wait for next friday :)

David Airey 10-25-08

Thanks very much for mentioning my article on spec work. I appreciate you visiting my little corner of the web.

All the very best.

Jin 10-25-08

@David, thank you for interesting articles!

Jason (Sneed) S 10-25-08

Heya Jin, so you are aniti BaraK? LOL
Not sure if i am posting correctly on this site, but i did subscribe to your RSS feed.

Jin 10-25-08

@Jason, it was just one of those funny videos people can customize. My wife did it for me.