Findings 10.31.08

by Jin, 10-31-08 // 1 comments

I carved a really nice pumpkin for Halloween earlier this week. It was one of those miniature ones. I was going to take a photo of it and use it on my blog. Yesterday while at work my wife wrote me “I have good news and bad news.”

“Oh? Give me the good news first…” (I never like the good news+bad news type of situation. 9 out 10 times it’s just a bad news wrapped in a cushion.)

“Your pumpkin has a fan. It’s a cute squirrel.”

“So what’s the bad news?”

“It ate your pumpkin.”


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Close your eyes, and let Gheorghe Zamfir‘s masterful pan-flute performance take you to another world. The Lonely Sheperd is my most favorite piece of music. It has so much emotional and yet so calming. When I wrote about Kill Bill this week, I just had to listen to it again. Quentin Tarantino has good taste in music.


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sandi 11-03-08

Ours had a rabbit attack. We cut another hole in back and pieced it back together with toothpicks. A rat trap solved the problem….