Findings 11.14.08

by Jin, 11-14-08 // 2 comments

I think reading blogs, or even writing them have given me ADHD. It’s probably why I haven’t finished reading a book the whole way through in a good while. I started reading Serious Creativity by Edward De Bono this past weekend. The idea of holding a book in my hands always feels foreign. I’m determined to finish it. It’s quite inspirational, I highly recommend it. The book isn’t about artistic creativity, but rather creative thinking and problem solving in general.


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Jeff 11-15-08

Thanks for the link, Jin. Always good to find another Taoist; so many people I talk to don’t have the slightest idea what Taoism is. I, too, was hoping to work on my own version of the Tao Te Ching one day, but since I don’t read Chinese, it would be an interpretation based on other translations.

Love the site, by the way. I’m definitely into minimalist designs.

Jin 11-15-08

Thanks Jeff. I really love your photography, and happy bday.