Findings 11.21.08

by Jin, 11-21-08 // 3 comments

This past week I started reading Edward de Bono’s book, Serious Creativity. I’ve mentioned it a few times in my blog articles this week. It’s been a while since I read a book the whole way through. I think reading online has given me a very short attention span. The good news is, this is an excellent book, I had no problem reading it. I highly recommend it, not just for designers.


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EmJay 11-21-08

The accidental photos site is fantastic. Where do you find this stuff?

Jin 11-21-08

@EmJay, friends on twitter, aim, stumble upon etc, or rl friends sending me stuff in the emails. Those photos are really cool indeed!

felipe 01-10-09

About: “Accidental Photos – And some are not too accidental. But regardless, they’re really cool and creative.”
This is a scraped post.
Original stuff is Russian, and are located here:
“efeitos realistas” is a copy, and worst – without authorization!!