Findings 11.28.08

by Jin, 11-28-08 // 3 comments

Happy Thanksgiving! I’d type more, but I’m stuffed.


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Victor 11-28-08

Thanks for the link on “Maximing Out Your Triangle”. I’ve found myself without a job and am rethinking going back to the workforce that I really don’t like (programming) or staying at home and giving it a go. The triangle of doing what you love, get paid for, and find growth, is a difficult one to balance.

I’ve been chasing the “getting paid” side of the triangle for the last ten years and have realized that it gets emptier the longer I pursue it.

Steven Clark 11-30-08

Ninja Cat… now you can see how they kill all the native birds and animals they get their hands on. One of our neighbours has 5 cats and they’re pretty much cleaning us out of birds and possums. And my partner co-owned an organic farm for 10 years, she said in a few years an entire colony of flying fox were wiped out by the cats in the area, some feral others domestic.

Cute, yes. Creepy, very.

Jin 11-30-08

Our old cat has gone feral, I think she’s happy being outdoors all the time now. Once in a while she’d leave a “present” or two on our drive way…