Findings 12.05.08

by Jin, 12-05-08 // 4 comments

Found out something new about myself this week. Apparently my brain isn’t capable of doing writing and visual design at the same time. I’m glad I spent quite some time with Photoshop and my camera this week though. On a side note: broke a personal sleep record while visiting parents for Thanksgiving: slept total of 33 hours in a two day period. Yes, that’s 33 out of 48.


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My Favorite Tumblr Blogs

For those of you who don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s a mini blog platform, for short, mixed media type of blogs. Today I’d like to share my favorite T blogs, all two of them.

Video of the Week


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aja 12-05-08

aw, i’m flattered.

Jin 12-05-08

aja, I’m flattered!

aja 12-05-08

you’ve been living in my rss reader for quite a while now. your content is always thought provoking, thank you for it. :)

Jin 12-05-08

Thanks Aja. I didn’t realize the interweb was this small? lol