Findings 1.25.09

by Jin, 01-25-09 // 10 comments


From elsewhere

365 Projects

Two of my contacts on Flickr started an interesting project a while back. It’s called “365.” Basically taking one interesting photo everyday. You can see the main group here.

Vid of the week

The score needs to be settled…


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alan 01-25-09

liked some of your b/w inaug photos. are any for sale? don’t want a digital copy; hard copy is fine b/c it’d be totally for my personal use.

Jin 01-25-09

that was a fast comment Alan, I literally posted this a minute ago. Which photos are you interested in? You can see the whole set from my Flickr set.

Janko 01-26-09

UI Scraps is awesome, didn’t know for that!

Jeff 01-26-09

I have to agree that your photojournal was totally worth the cold and the towing fee. There’s a certain tonal quality to them that strikes of class, and it was perfect for the subject matter.

Aja 01-26-09

you and i have very similar browsing habits.

Jin 01-26-09

janko, yeah that site is pretty neat

Thanks jeff.

Aja, neatorama, mashable, stumbleupon? of course there’s :)

Jason Robb 01-31-09

Thanks for the link to UI Scraps, I appreciate that. Glad you like it too! =)

Jason R.

Jin 01-31-09

Keep up the good work Jason!

Cathy Lessing 02-06-09

I enjoy your blog and usually find some really interesting and helpful bits of info. May I make a suggestion – meant in the most positive and constructive way? The posting titles that populate the RSS feed would be more effective if they were more descriptive/individual. Ex. From Elsewhere doesn’t mean anything when you see it on an RSS feed. Alternate posting title? From Elsewhere – UI Scraps, Better Pagination, Closing Usability Age Gap and more… Same thing on the numbers…8164 by itself doesn’t really help me… Thanks for letting an appreciate reader make a suggestion.

Jin 02-06-09

Cathy thank you for your feed back, much appreciated. That’s a good point you made about “From Elsewhere.” I just assumed that readers would know it means blog articles I found somewhere else. But I can see how it’d be confusing to someone who’s not familiar with this format. I’ll keep that in mind! As for “8164,” for the same reason, it’s for someone who’s been reading this blog for a while. To be honest I never given much thought about how I sub-title these, or even the main titles of my blog articles. Sometimes I just put what comes to my mind at the time. :)

Thank you for reading and thanks for reminding me that I have a blog!. Been so swamped with work lately to blog.