Findings 3.21.09

by Jin, 03-21-09 // 3 comments

It took me a while to “get” Twitter. In recent months due to my work load, I find myself reading blogs less, and more Twitter feeds. The live tweeting from #SXSW is a good example of how Twitter is the fastest way to get info out there. But I still prefer to read/write a well thought out blog when I have the time to.


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Dmitry 03-23-09

Hey Jin, the ‘Designing Windows 7 UX’ talk was quite nice. I love getting this sort of insider info on how they go about designing the UI — wish they would do a public gallery of all those detailed UI mockups. What’s with the Apple fanboy questions at the end though? He should have handled them better I think :)

Jin 03-23-09

It’s a nice talk indeed. I too love this behind the scene type of talks. I don’t think there’s enough of them out there. Often we’re fed with a product show.

I’m sure he was prepared for W7 vs OSX type of questions. As for actual usability of win7, I may have to give it a try eventually. As GUI goes, I still don’t like the glossiness. I wish they went for a cellshading, minimalistic look instead like they did with the Microsoft OfficeLab 2019 video.

Steven Clark 03-26-09

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