Findings 9.26.08

by Jin, 09-26-08 // 3 comments

I accomplished one of my life long goals this past week and I finally went to Niagara Falls. The sight was truly magnificent. All the photos I’ve seen, regardless of how beautifully shot, don’t do it justice. You just have to be there to experience it. Speaking of photos, as you’ve probably noticed this week, my articles are photography related. Thanks to my new camera. Yes, I’m in love.


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Anna 09-26-08

Love the movie. So cute.

Sander 09-26-08

Great blog, I especially like the background and love the gradients with text, posts and heading. Thanks for linking to my airport signage resource. I’ve subscribed to your feed.

Jin 09-26-08

Thanks Sander. I love the clean and minimalistic design of your site as well.