Full Lunar Eclipse 2010

by Jin, 12-21-10 // 9 comments
Full Lunar Eclipse 2010

It’s been a while since I took photos of anything worth while. I’m glad these turned out OK. Taken with Nikon D90, Sigma 70-300mm. My fingers are very numb still, from standing outside for about an hour. Tonight I found out how fast the Moon moves. Shots that were longer than 4 second exposure were blurred.


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Abigail Moe 12-21-10

Wow! Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed the lunar eclipse also for about an hour and took pictures with my Olympus E510 Olympus 40-150mm…yours are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Eloise (Eloctre) 12-21-10

Nice work! I love how you’ve put them all together in a nice little sequence. In my part of the world the moon just rose then and I didn’t see it or get any photos which is sad but I feel better now that I’ve seen yours. Thanks!

Florian 12-21-10

Great shots. Which aperture and shutter speed did you use?
Sadly I missed the ecplise – so I couldn’t make any picutres of it :(

Janko 12-22-10

Awesome shots Jin!

Anna 12-25-10

nice shot! Jin

Kim H 01-17-11

Beautiful shots. And great timing :)

mahalie 05-26-11

Gorgeous!! For a minute I thought you were the Nasa photo contest winner (see link below) as I have a series that looks almost identical to this as my rotating wallpaper. I would like to learn how to take night sky time lapse photos…will need a fancy camera I suppose…


Ashley 12-29-12

Wow, this looks incredibly beautiful!

Tony 03-27-13

Nice shots!