Hirshhorn Museum

by Jin, 12-17-08 // 8 comments
Smithsonian Hirshhorn Modern Art Museum

Living in the DC Metro area, I can’t really say I take the vast art scene the city has to offer for granted, simply because I have yet to experience much of it. My time has been spent on work and a 2.5 hour daily train ride. The architectures that would typically whoa a tourist simply become obstacles in my commute, rushing to the subway.

This past weekend my friend Charlie, and his wife, Laura visited me from North Carolina. Playing the host/tour guide for them allowed me to experience the city a bit. The highlights were the visits to some of the museums. My favorite was the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Modern Art Museum. I’d like to share with my readers some photos from two exhibitions, the Panza Collection and Strange Bodies.

the Panza Collection

“Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo is one of the world’s foremost collectors of American and European contemporary art. The Hirshhorn recently acquired thirty-nine works from Dr. Panza’s collection, all of which are on view this fall. As a group, the pieces provide an overview of the critical premises driving Conceptual, Light and Space, Minimal, and Environmental art. Created in the late 1960s and early 1970s by an international roster of artists, the works shed light on an era when many artists began to reject traditional media and aesthetic concerns. Instead, they redefined art in a broader range, from Conceptual works that favored ideas over the creation of unique objects to large-scale installations that challenge prevalent notions about the boundaries between an artwork and the surrounding environment.”

a rubber room
wall text
photo series
It's flat
Panza Typo
Panza Painting 2
Panza Painting 1

Strange Bodies

“An important strength of the Hirshhorn Museum is its holdings in figurative art. Strange Bodies brings together some of the most praised and popular examples of figuration from the collection to show how expressionistic and surrealistic impulses toward human representation have evolved from the early and mid-twentieth century to recent decades. The tension between the enthusiastic response that figuration often receives from general audiences and the loaded, at times dark content it can carry is also explored. Moreover, the installation allows an assessment of past collection building.”

had of cross


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Chris G. 12-17-08

Really nice photos Jin. Makes me want to visit DC. Any chance you’d let some random stranger stay with you?

Jin 12-17-08

Thanks Chris. I’m scared of strangers :)

pimpin 12-18-08

Interesting that they call it a museum. I thought a museum held historic items, but after reviewing the definition of museum. I see that it can hold items of artistic value.


Jin 12-18-08

@Pimpin, thanks for commeting. well, there are art museums, then there are museums that display artifacts. Some art museums are simply called “Gallery.” eg. Freers Gallery, Portrait Gallery. I’d just call them as “big buildings with cool stuff to look at” :)

Laura 12-18-08

Awesome pics Jin! Thanks for being our tour guide! I am still jealous of that beautiful Nilkon D-90. Maybe Santa will leave one under the tree for me;) Tell the family hello!

Jin 12-18-08

You’re welcome Laura. It was fun! See you in April.

Great detailed shots Jin I gave you a thumbs up and a good review on StumbleUpon.

Jin 12-20-08

Thanks Joe!