Hirshhorn Revisited

by Jin, 08-19-10 // 3 comments

I absolutely love the Hirshhorn Museum in DC. I’ve visited the museum a few more times since I last posted about it. Below, you’ll find some selected shots I took over the past few months.

Many exhibits have come and gone. I find myself more in love with the museum itself, rather than the artwork it displays. I love the spatial arrangement inside and the overall architecture. There’s something about it that’s very soothing to me. Maybe it’s because of its round shape, or the openness I feel as I linger inside.

When I redesigned this blog, I mentioned that the Hirshhorn Museum was a big inspiration. I hope I have captured its tranquility.

If you’re ever in DC area, you should definitely check it out.



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Steven Clark 08-19-10

Man, you’re soooo lucky. For some reason when you walk into certain Australian museums and galleries they tell you ‘no cameras’… which to me means I scratch my head with WTF?!

Nice shots :)

Jin 08-19-10

@Steven, a lot museums here don’t allow cameras either. In Hirshhorn certain exhibits are off limit too.

Ellie Kesselman 01-08-12

Hello Jin! I am very fond of the Hirshhorn Museum too, although it has been awhile since my last visit. When you mentioned the round shape, I recalled why the building was so appealing to me. The Guggenheim Museum in NYC is round too, but the spiral effect imparts a less tranquil feeling than the design of Hirshhorn. Or so this not-so-humble one thinks!

You succeeded with your blog design, I believe: You said you wanted to evoke the clean elegance of the Hirshhorn. Your design is very fine. AND is accessible to those with low vision issues (like me), which is uncommon for most ummm, outre? haute? web designs. Your fonts are sans serif and adequately sized. You didn’t choose a light gray font color on a white background (I see that a lot).

I am FeralOink on EL&U SE, we’ve conversed before about MooCards. I saw your comment on the CodingHorror’s rather tolerant, patient post (in 2008?), “Vote Fraud and You”, StackOverflow blog. Your comment was pleasant, humorous, and I laughed.