iPhone4 and Lefties

by Jin, 07-19-10 // 7 comments
iPhone4 and Lefties

I’m sure by now you’re probably sick of hearing about the iPhone4 antenna issue. Don’t worry, I won’t talk about that, much. Instead, I just want to clear something up. First of all, I’m left-handed. It seems the biggest publicity us lefties have ever gotten in the history of known civilization has been this whole antennagate ordeal .

Many sources have reported this issue affects left-handed people.

The engineers at consumer reports whipped up battery of tests for the iPhone and had successfully proven that the raging complaints are indeed true. Three iPhones got scrutinized and were found to suffer from signal degradation especially if the lower left part of the phone was covered—no wonder lefties are in a rut.

- techgenie.com

I think it’s righties that should be in a rut. We left-handed people actually don’t hold phones in our left hands when talking. We need our dominant hand to be freed as much as possible. See the photo above, it proves my point. Confused? I hold camera body with my right hand since it doesn’t do much dexterity work besides keeping the camera steady. Left hand is used to do more intricate work such as focus, zoom, aim etc. I do however hold the phone with my left hand when I’m using apps or surfing the web. In which case, the signal is a none issue.

Think about when you carry a brief case, a purse, or putting on a single strap backpack, which side does it go on? Chances are it’s the opposite of your dominant hand.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. And for the record I haven’t experienced the signal drop issue much, because I get one bar of signal in my house regardless. Thanks AT&T.


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Sander 07-19-10

Interesting point there! My wife is also left handed and she used the computer mouse on the right side, you seem to prefer it on the left side. Anyway this whole iPhone Antenna will blow over, hopefully I’ll get mine end of this month.

//off topic: how does a glass table work for you?

Jin 07-19-10

Sander, I love my glass table. It’s actually a dining table I got from Ikea last year. I prefer it over the standard computer desks. I’m a fan of big glass surface.

wds 07-19-10

Heh. I am sick of hearing about it, but it’s true that when browsing the web I hold the phone in my left hand (mine’s a Milestone, I haven’t been able to find a “death grip” for it yet).

I wonder, do you hold the phone in your right hand when talking? I think this might be part of the confusion. I have picked up somewhere that most people prefer holding the phone to their right ear, because of the link to your left brain hemisphere (for social interactions?), as opposed to the right side (analytical). Not sure how much of that is pseudo-science, but it seems plausible to me. I have a harder time focusing on normal conversations when holding my phone to my left ear.

Anyway, this whole antenna thing is just a typical media pile-on. It reminds me very much of “climategate”. Never let the facts get in the way of good TV.

Jeff 07-19-10

YES. It’s just like the fact that right-handed people wear watches on their left hand; so much easier to manipulate the buttons or do other things with the more dexterous hand while looking at the watch.

Jin 07-19-10

@WDS When talking, I always hold it with my right hand. That way my left hand is freed. I tend to do other things while I’m talking.

@Jeff yep yep. I’m curious if all lefties hold the phone while talking though. I’m sure there are exceptions.

Chris Ballance 08-02-10

As a fellow southpaw, I also generally hold my phone with my right hand, so +1 to your theory. I notice your mouse is on the left side though. I mouse with my right hand after growing tired of moving the mouse to the other side of the desk at any random computer I walked up to use. Handedness is a pretty strong force, but peer pressure was stronger in my case with the mouse.

Jin 08-03-10

@Chris, when I was little during family reunions I was always made to sit at the corner of the table, so I wouldn’t have “elbow fights” with my cousins. I did submit to peer pressure when it comes to writing. I write with my right hand. I can write with left hand too, but the hand writing is not as good, also slower.