Japan, the Strange Country

by Jin, 03-22-10 // 3 comments

Japan – the Strange Country is the thesis project reel by graphics designer Kenichi Tanaka. It is such a delight to watch. This 11 minute video shows the different aspects of the Japanese life through lighthearted motion infograph. It’s not just eye-candy, but also quite informative. I did not know Japanese waste that much food. I wasn’t surprised by the number of love hotels though.


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Stefan Plattner 03-29-10

Amazing animation, so much love for detail. Thanks for sharing!

A great video, really enjoyed it .. I was especially enthralled by the ultra-heavy to light font transitions in the titles..

and you have to admire the amount of information that’s in it … it’s not as if it could all be found in the one place — I’d imagine a lot of reading and searching had to be done to find each little bit of information, and then figuring out a way to transition smoothly from one fact to the next would have been quite a challenge.

thanks for sharing :)

Eloise (Eloctre) 06-18-10

Great post,
I really enjoyed watching it! I think the Japanese forget where real food and water comes from, especially in Tokyo, and where the waste products go so they don’t care and are wasteful, which is sad. I think the Japanese are great in some ways but in others they need to grow up a little.

Most of the video’s information wasn’t new to me, but it was presented in an excellent format.
Thanks for posting that, I enjoyed it!