My Job Ruins the Fun

by Jin, 03-17-09 // 8 comments

I was talking to a doctor friend of mine a while back about TV shows. I’m always interested in the specifics of what people do for a living. So naturally, we talked about hospital themed shows. To my surprise, my friend hated shows that I liked such as ER and House MD.

He explained to me that as much as he liked the drama, the unrealistic factors(medical) in those shows totally turned him off. I guess it’s something I can’t spot since I’m not a doctor, or work in a hospital. Then I realized I’m somewhat the same way about shows or movies that are related to my profession too.

The Net

I remember watching “The Net” in 1995. The entire time I was nick-picking the inaccuracies of the web technologies. Who would ever order a pizza online??(OK I now admit that movie was ahead of its time) All the UIs were impossible to implement back then. Clearly another Hollywood butch job of reality. Let’s not even get started with Swordfish.

Sometimes I wonder if a real spy would snicker at Burn Notice, or a real lawyer would shakes his head at Boston Legal. Chances are they probably just sit back and enjoy the show. I’ve learned to do the same. Most of the time I just shut my brain off when it comes to TV/Movies. Over analyzing ruins the fun.

One thing I still have problem getting over is when I look at web sites. Whenever my wife shows me a site she likes, I find myself immediately trying to view or validate its source code. Then she’d give me the look of “who the hell does this you nerd?” I think given what I do as a web designer, sometimes I forget that, 99% of the web users out there don’t care about what’s under the hood. Maybe, sometimes I just need to relax and enjoy what a web site has to offer, than analyzing how it’s built.

Does your job ruin your fun?


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Ethan Gardner 03-17-09

I think it is natural to be critical. My wife’s family snickers at the inaccuracies in medical shows since they all are in the medical field. I laugh any time I see someone on TV who is playing a musical instrument but the sound doesn’t match their finger position. I wouldn’t say over-analyzing ruins the fun. I’d just say it has the ability to create new fun that was unintended by the creator.

babs m 03-17-09

As a lawyer, I do sit back and smirk at Boston Legal. My husband laughs at me as I scream “Objection!” at the top of my lungs when someone fails to do so.

When we lived in Miami in the 1980s, we watched Miami Vice religiously. But you all don’t know how many times Crockett and Tubbs reported they were driving north or south on an east-west only causeway. :)

Jin 03-17-09

@Ethan, I never thought about that about musicians. Now It makes sense to me why they don’t normally show the finger placement of actors playing instruments too much. Normally you either see their faces or just a their hands(belong to someone else most likely). That’s why I think when the director does it correctly keeping things authentic, people can truly appreciate the extra effort they put in.

@babs m, that’s funny about Miami Vice! Something non career based: in the mid 90s there was a show about Chinese immigrants called “Vanishing Son.” It was full of stereotypes and plot holes. (We Chinese don’t get excited and jump up ‘n down when making egg drop soup). There was an “emotional” scene where the lead actor Russell Wong reading a Chinese letter from his dying parent. Except for the letter was held upside down. I often joked maybe he was crying because he can’t read Chinese.

Thank you for the comments. It’s interesting to hear these things from people of other backgrounds!

Steven Clark 03-17-09

Mmm which kind of makes me feel a little sorry for my wife when I start watching the Sopranos, Underbelly 1 and 2 (Australia) and movies like Ghosts of the Civil Dead (highly recommended)… :)

Too true.

Steven Clark 03-17-09

We were watching John Wayne’s “Blood Alley” (I think it’s called) on the weekend. Amazing how many chinese were italian, anglo or simply stereotyped into idiocy by the studio…

It was more fun picking the movie apart than actually following the story.

Janko 03-17-09

Always! And the worst thing happening to me is when I completely loose sense for reality – For example, I am looking at the sandwich on kitchen table and wonder where’s the cursor? How can I drag it? And that is for real :(

I remember swordfish, made me laugh :)

Jin 03-17-09

@Steven, never heard of GotCD, I’ll have to check it out!

@Janko, you need help :) j/k

Nathan Bowers 05-16-09

Yes, our jobs ruin our fun. I don’t care so much about markup validation, but when a site is all flash, or when a UI changes and it ends up worse than it was before, I break out in hives and swears.