by Jin, 06-22-09 // 12 comments
Neda Agha-Soltan

Last time, something this tragic happened was about 20 years ago, near home.

Last time, I was too young to remember.

Last time, I was probably too indifferent to care even if I could remember.

This time, I will.


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Jeff 06-23-09

I love how mysterious this post is, especially with the black background and the abstract visual. My curiosity is killing me!

Julian Gruber 06-23-09

haven’t you heard about neda in the news? go google…

Michael 06-23-09

I’m glad your ok but I feel bad for the familys of the people that died.

Will 06-23-09

Excellent post in its simplicity. What’s more shocking is how out of hand the situation in Iran has gotten. Neda makes a good image but it goes far, far beyond that as we keep learning each and every day.

Jin 06-23-09

Jeff, Neda is the Iranian girl who was shot in the heart and died within minutes. I stumbled upon the video(uncensored) capturing her death on the web a few days ago. I think those few seconds summed up the horror that’s happening over there better than any news coverage and tweets. The graphic used in this post is the vector trace of her face has she passed away. That’s a face will stay with me forever.

This post is not for political purpose. A life is lost. It’s simple as that.

Sometimes I wonder if the world would be slightly different if we had internet/social media coverage of the Tian An Men Square protest 20 years ago.

I wish the maturity of humanity can keep up with the Moore’s Law.

coy 06-24-09

dunia gila

Fanny-Min Becker 06-24-09

The more piercing your image because of the green. Green, a colour for peace and hope. Green, instead of red. Salute. And the subtle (un)intended historical implication. :-( Thank you. I have saved the image. FM:)

Jeff 06-24-09

Ah, I did read much about the Iranian girl, but I didn’t remember the name, or match the stark green and black image with the colour image so commonly found in the news articles. It all makes sense now.

Fanny-Min Becker 06-24-09

Neda = voice, or so I read.
The more symbolic … :-(

Jin 06-24-09

Thanks Fanny.

Fanny-Min Becker 06-24-09

Pls don’t forget the ‘-Min’, dear Jin.
‘Min’ (3rd tone), for ‘swiftness’ & ‘sensibility’. I’m only German on paper. FM:)

Jin 06-24-09

OKie Fanny-Min. I didn’t realize that was part of your first name :)