New Adventure

by Jin, 07-13-10 // 12 comments
New Adventure

Two months ago I left the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) where I worked for the past three years. It was a great experience, I’m thrilled to have worked with some very talented people, especially Obama’s new media team members from his campaign trail. I’ve dedicated the past six years to improving government web sites. For the first three years I worked for the North Carolina state government. As I said before, I feel government web sites need a lot of help since they’ve often lagged behind industry standards. I’m proud to have worked on sites such as, FCC Reboot,, and FCC Give.

I’ve taken a position as the creative director of Stack Overflow. It’s been a surreal experience so far. I wrote about the usefulness of Stack Overflow Q&A sites before, and now I’m part of the team. I’ve been a fan of Jeff‘s blog for years and quoted Joel‘s philosophy on UI design multiple times. They’re two tech personalities I look up to. I’m also thrilled to be working with some of the best programmers out there. When I say best, I’m not exaggerating. Joel already runs a successful software company Fogcreek and he knows how to hire top programmers. The Photo above is their beautiful NYC office. I had the pleasure of visiting there for a couple of days back in May.

The past two months have been very busy for me, in a wonderful way(this also explains the inactivity on this blog). I plan to write more about some of the cool projects I’ve been working on shortly. For now, you can visit Area 51, Stack Overflow Careers, and newly launched public beta of Web Apps Q&A site proposal.

Besides the people and projects, another thing I love about the new job is that I get to work from home. My previous job’s commute was over one hour by train each way. Now I get to spend some more time with the family.


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Ian Robinson 07-13-10

Congratulations Jin! How completely awesome to get to work on cool stuff, with cool people, and still get to spend more time with the family. Livin’ the dream :)

Jarrod Dixon 07-13-10

Glad to finally be working with you again, sir! NOW GET ME MY CSS :)

It’s so great that you can now spend less time traveling and more time with your family :)

Congratulations on the move, and I think, given your employment, you’re spot on — your new boss knows talent when he sees it!

Jeff 07-14-10

Congratulations! It’s comforting to know that good designers are still able to find jobs in this economy. You must be in high demand. :)

(By the way, I like the picture in your post. What kind of post-processing did you do?)

Jin 07-14-10

@Ian, Thanks! I feel very lucky to land this job.

@Jarrod you know it. Thanks for keeping me up late at night on Skype…

@Alex, Thanks Alex. It’s a bit overwhelming to be working with some of the smartest folks I’ve met.

@Jeff I call it the “Equivocality effect.” :) I really like the way you PP the photos on your blog. They have that slightly vintage and warm feel to them. All I did was overlaying a few colored(tan, blue) layers over the original, and set blending mode to overlay and hue. also did some curve adjustment on different channels.

Janko 07-15-10

Jin, congratulations on your new job. It’s absolutely fantastic that you had the opportunity to take this job and that you will work with cool people on nice projects. Bravo!

I look forward to your next articles :)

Jin 07-16-10

Thanks Janko!

Teck Hua 07-17-10


KrazyCeltic 07-18-10

Congratulations, Jin! This should be a win for everyone involved.

Paul Randall 07-18-10

Can’t believe I’ve just read this post. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

Jin 07-19-10

@teck, @KRAZYCELTIC, and @Paul, Thanks!

ken 07-27-10

Congratulations!! I use StackOverflow a lot.. Great!