Podcast with Scott Hanselman

by Jin, 07-16-10 // 3 comments

I had the pleasure of talking to Scott Hanselman on his weekly podcast yesterday. Scott is a well known .NET programmer/author and works as a program manager at Microsoft. When I used to program, Scott’s book on .NET helped me a great deal. So to appear on his popular podcast is truly an honor.

We talked about the difference between designers and programmers and what an ideal project flow should be. Scott describes that typically programmers are handed a photoshop mockup from the designer. Sometimes the design is not ideal to convert to a site. I’ve heard this before. My stance is that the designer should be involved from the begining. That form and function go together. I strongly believe a web designer is someone who can code his/her designs so backend programmers don’t have to. Also coding your own design ensures the visual integrity is intact. I also talked about how I started in web design, and what I think a good web design is. A good design is one that invokes an emotional response. Scott posted a list of design blogs I sent him to help his fellow programs to develop a sense of what we designers do.

Please visit Scott’s podcast and have a listen. I must apologize ahead of time: I sound horrible. I use a VOIP phone and it doesn’t help the fact that I’m normally very soft spoken. I totally lost track of time because it was a fun experience! Thanks Scott.


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Catto 07-20-10

Hey Now 8164,

Great Pod!

Thx 4 the info,

Jin 07-20-10

@Catto, Thank you for stopping by!

rollercoaster 07-26-10

Listening right now! very informative Thanks.

I fall in the category of awful-at-designing programmer :)