by Jin, 08-21-10 // 1 comments

I Stumbled upon this delightful little video I thought I’d share. If you’re a creative of any sort you probably can relate to this. I certainly feel the procrastination, distraction, and self-imposed pressure when I try to write blogs. I love the style of Lev Yilmaz’s videos. His monotonous, but fascinating way of story telling reminds me of Ira Glass. I had seen some of his work long ago and realized today that he’s the same person who also created “What Would Penis Do?”


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HubertLStJ 09-01-10

I really like this video, the way it’s made with the narrator and the little cartoons…!
I’m actually reading a great book called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. The subject of the book is what he calls the Resistance. In this video, you can see all the symptoms of it! The good news is that he suggest a way to overcome the Resistance!
I recommend this book and wish you good luck!