Pseudo Meaningful

by Jin, 06-14-10 // 2 comments
Pseudo meaningful

I just created the “indie album cover” above. It is the result of a fun game I found on Reddit. The original rule was simply “pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in helvetica.” Later I was told about a better rule set in its comment section.

The rules

It was a fun game. My sources: title, photo, quote.

I secretly make fun of these vague and often contrived “designery” designs. Of course I do that secretly. Garrett Murray however, does it openly and bluntly at That Isn’t Art blog. One of my favorites:

It’s easy, just jump off that pier and don’t fight it. While you’re down there drowning, see if you see the space bar. Because I can only assume it’s dead too, based on the fact that you didn’t use it at all between those words. Unless you actually meant to use the word iwishicouldforget (verb) meaning “to poorly lay out text.”


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haha, it’s the new “hey look at my 45° angled lines and/or grunge fonts” that inexperienced designers salivate gallons over

and i love the quote you picked out; “it’s easy, jump off that pier and don’t fight it”

Jeff Yates 07-02-10

That you for introducing me to