Remember Who You Are

by Jin, 04-16-10 // 7 comments

You, Less Than by Pam Slim

Circumstances can cause you to question who you are.

A boss writes you a stinging performance review.

A reader leaves a bitter comment on your blog post.

A vocal audience member questions your authority in the middle of your presentation.


When you fall into this deep pit of treachery and despair, you need something to pull you out. An image, a word, a note. It helps when this object reflects both the love you have for yourself as well as the love someone has for you.

If life is letting you down right now, please go read this beautiful article. It is short and powerful. Remember who you are.

P.S. I haven’t had a single reader leaving a bitter comment on this blog. Thank you, you’re great.


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VeoSotano 04-16-10

Quinine … there, I did it.

Jin 04-16-10

@VeoSotano, I see what you did there…

Janko 04-17-10

Jin, the article is beautiful. I enjoyed reading it.

Naveen Bachwani 04-26-10

Splendid reading! Thanks for sharing…

[...] to Jin, I discovered a gem of a guest post on the excellent GapingVoid blog.  In “You, Less [...]

Scott 05-07-10

Excellent post. I enjoyed reading it. I’m curious, why 8164? It’s an interesting name for a blog.

Thanks for that, I really enjoyed the article :)

I remember going through gaping void years ago when it … wasn’t so nicely designed, heh. But I would remember the illustrations often and wish that I could remember the name of the site or the artist .. thanks for (such a gentle and lovely) reintroduction!