Sigma 70-300mm

by Jin, 11-25-08 // 4 comments
Color+Light Study

Craigslist is crack. Cracklist more like it. While waiting for my Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro lens to arrive from Amazon, I found a good deal on a used Sigma 70-300mm Macro.

After some emailing, calling, driving, getting lost, more driving, exchanging of cash, mounting (yes i’m still talking about purchasing camera equipment here), I got myself a new lens. It’s a lot longer than my kit lens, measures about 11 inches when fully extended. I haven’t gotten a chance to do any outdoor shots yet, but I fully intend on going paparazzi on some backyard squirrels tomorrow.

Sigma 70-300mm Macro Lens

Below are some shots I did around the house and some were taken in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexanderia, VA.

Color+Light Study 2
Thomas Train
Floor Lamp
Chinese Glass
Star Paper
Egg reflection
Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA


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Jeff 11-25-08

You have some beautifully composed shots there. I love the bokeh. I also find it hilarious that Sigma put a red stripe on the barrel to emulate the L-lenses of the Canon lineup.

Jin 11-25-08

Thanks Jeff. I think the red ring is to distinguish between the non APO and APO version? I don’t know too much about this lens except for what I briefly read before I made the purchase. But I think the reviews I read are correct about it not being too sharp. Here are the high res versions on my Flickr:

Steven Clark 11-30-08

OK I’m awesomely jealous Jin. Nice lense, excellent shots.

Jin 11-30-08

Thanks Steven