Tao of Not Talking About Yourself

by Jin, 03-21-10 // 0 comments

You know the way to be interesting to others is to be interested in them. (Why is this so hard for self-promoters to understand?)

Derek Sivers

Derek Siver’s talk at the SxSW music conference. His advice applies to all of us non-musicians as well. Not talking about ourselves is hard. This reminds me of Kathy Sierra’s advice on successful company blogs. Twitter is a good example of this advice in practice. I don’t follow people who only tweet links to their blogs and products. It’s all about relaxed conversations. When you share and promote your stuff in the context of a natural conversation, it doesn’t feel forced and artificial. I’m sure smart people know this already. On a side note, I feel the use of “Tao” by Sivers rather appropriate, since the philosophical Taoism is about selfless-ness.


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