That Morning

by Jin, 09-11-09 // 0 comments

I still remember that morning like yesterday.

My faithful Sony TV/Alarm clock went off to ABC morning news. As usual, I laid in bed for ten minutes before I truly woke up. I didn’t get too much sleep the night before. I went to bed at 5am, working on a web site that was due. also I spent a lot of time with my then Fiancée talking about our Vegas wedding, which was in eleven days. We talked about my new job that I was starting once we got back from our honeymoon, and our first born that was on the way. It was an exciting and scary time for me. I was about to become a new husband and father.

Back to the tiny 1.5″ TV screen on my nightstand, I saw the one of the Towers on fire, with people running frantically. I thought it was a trailer for a movie of some sort. I remember thinking how realistic the CG looked. Then the second tower got hit. It didn’t take me long to realize what was happening, even though it was so surreal.

America lost her innocence that day.

I’d like to share this video with you. It’s Blue Man Group tribute to 911. The papers flying around in the backdrop are the ones that were found near Ground Zero in the aftermath.

Where were you, and what were you doing that morning?


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